A entoação de enunciados imperativos declarativos no processo de ensino-aprendizagem em ELE

Maristela da Silva Pinto, Jéssica Mendonça Bastos


This research aims to contrast the intonation of declaratives imperative statements that don´t be neutral in Brazilian Portuguese as a native language (BP/NL) in Carioca speech; in Spanish as a native language (S/NL) in the Castilian, Mexican and Central American, and Caribbean varieties; and in Spanish as a foreign language (S/FL) before and after the informants being exposed in a methodologically didactic proposal from a job description of intonation contour perception, mimetic repetition and conscious production. Moreover, it compares the implementation of the F0 and tonal accent of these statements in order to prove that if the pitch may or may not be taught and incorporated into the teach-learning process of a foreign language from the proposed methodology.

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