A self-correcting approach to reading in a foreign language

Angela Kleiman, Sylvia Terzi


Abstract: This work presents a reading methodology which has proved successful in the teaching os ESP to Portuguese speaking students. The work relies heavily on the development of reading strategies which tax cognitive capacities (inferential thinking, problem solving) and which provide a self-monitoring, self-correcting component which both motivates and builds confidence. The method involves three parts and goes from the general to the specific back to the general. First the student forms an overall view of the text through the maximum use of text cues and his previous knowledge of the subject matter, fostering his development of perception and segmentation strategies. Then he analyses the text in order to develop inferetial strategies and skills for extracting detailed information. Finally he synthesizes the scattered information to get a more accurate view of the text than in the initial stages. Advantages of the method are explored.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17851/0101-3548.3.5.9-24


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