A língua presa de Fidípides

Brunno Salviano Gripp


Pheidippides has been the most overseen character in Aristophanes’ Clouds, even if the ultimate end to the comedy depends on him. He has been often thought by many commentators as a less interesting character than Socrates or Strepsiades. We attempt to interpret his character in terms of his characterization, origin and interests. As we can see from his dealings with horses and his association with Socrates, he bears a strong connection with the thoughts and activities of the higher class Athenian youth, and due to his high debts and his lisp we can attach him to Alcibiades, who seems to be an important model for this character. As it turns out, Pheidippides is an important mirror of Athenian high classes and the influence of Philosophers and Sophists alike on them.


Aristophanes; Clouds; Alcibiades; Socrates

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17851/1983-3636.3.0.70-84


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