A deusa compõe um “mito”: o jovem Odisseu em busca de veneno (Odisseia I, 255-68)

Christian Werner


This paper explores the inter- and extradiegetical functions of a story about Odysseus narrated by Athena to Telemachos in Odyssey 1, 255-68. It is argued that the representation of Odysseus in search of poison for his arrows need not to be thought first and foremost as a non-Homeric element or a morally disturbing action, for it may be analyzed by means of epic themes (specially by the mêtis-megatheme) explored not only in the Odyssey but in the Iliad as well. Besides, this story anticipates and condenses the plot of the poem.


Odyssey; Iliad; theme; myth; archer

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17851/1983-3636.6.0.7-27


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