A entoação do Português do Brasil: uma descrição perceptiva

Luma da Silva Miranda


This paper presents the preliminary results of an analysis of 8 melodic patterns of Brazilian Portuguese using the IPO methodology consisting in assertion, yes-no question, wh-question, exclamation, request, command, suggestion and challenge. This research is based on a perceptual approach to the study of the melodic patterns in Brazilian Portuguese intonation system provided by the IPO model. This model considers that the configuration of the melodic curve (F0), in the intonational patterns, is the combination of a series of melodic patterns from a reduced scope (one or various syllables) and a broad scope (declination phenomenon). By describing the F0 curves of these 8 melodic patterns, the perceptual effects from the modifications made during the stylization process were verified in perceptual tests. Results show that the IPO approach was able to describe the selected melodic patterns by discerning the melodic movements that constitute each melodic contour.

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