Call for Papers: University-school relationships in language teacher education


Universities and schools have central roles in teacher education. However, the relationship that prevails, many times, between these two educational institutions is asymmetrical and favors the status of the former (university) over the latter (school). We understand that this is a relationship of coloniality, following a colonial matrix of power based on binary structures, which continues to be reproduced even in the absence of colonial administration (Quijano, 2005; Grosfóguel, 2010). We argue for the need to challenge such a relationship, since, from a decolonial perspective, universities and schools are knowledge construction and praxis redefinition places. Therefore, we invite teachers and researchers in Applied Linguistics to reflect on the university-school relationship in language teacher education, submitting texts in English, Portuguese, or Spanish that discuss this topic.

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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Corpus linguistics: studies and applications


Special Issue on Corpus linguistics: studies and applications


The Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics (RBLA ISSN: 1984-6398, Qualis A1), sponsored by the Graduate Program in Linguistic Studies at the Faculty of Languages, Literature, and Linguistics of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), is inviting submissions for a Special Edition focusing on corpus  studies and applications. Proposals should be submitted by June 30, 2024.

Special Issue: Corpus linguistics: studies and applications

The Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics, available at, is announcing a call for papers for the special issue on corpus studies and applications. In recent decades, corpus linguistics (CL) has grown significantly and has profoundly influenced our understanding of various languages by identifying linguistic patterns in natural texts. Moreover, CL has proven to be exceptionally versatile, finding applications in diverse contexts. Among these contexts, CL stands out in language teaching and learning, describing language used in professional communities (e.g., doctors, physicists, linguists), and investigating specialized registers (e.g., laws, news, literary texts) among others.

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Editor's note

DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND ITS IMPACT ON INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION, manuscript review times are currently operating on a slight delay. Authors submitting articles are asked to be patient and to limit their email inquiries so that the Editorial Staff can focus on getting articles through the review process as quickly as possible. Logging back into the journal website is the fastest and most informative way to check on manuscript status.   
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Diretrizes para Autores


Nota: Todas as submissões que contiverem relatos de pesquisas feitas com seres humanos deverão apresentar aprovação do CEP ou de outros órgãos de ética em pesquisa. Não serão publicados trabalhos que não tenham sido aprovados por tais órgãos.   

All submissions containing reports of research carried out with human beings must be approved by the CEP or other research ethics bodies.
Works that have not been approved by these bodies will not be published.
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As standard procedure, the Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics carries out checks on all submissions for both plagiarism and self-plagiarism. If a submitted article is shown to have plagiarised, the submission will be immediately declined. Under no circumstances, the Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics will accept articles previously published on other platforms. In the case of articles that have been translated from a previously published text, the Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics may consider its publication. However, this must be disclaimed before submission, and a reference will have to be made as a footnote in the published article.

If an article is found to have plagiarized after its publication, it will be immediately removed from the platform and the author(s) will be notified and removed from the list of contributors to the journal.

The Brazilian Journal of Applied Linguistics does not take any legal responsibility for plagiarism.

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